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S-Treasury is an e-platform designed to provide customized guidance and education on how to responsibly participate in the Qatari Stock Market. We are an informational technology solution dedicated to diversifying Qatar's economy by offering a variety of services such as different courses exploring the art of investment, tools and software helping you make your decisions smoothly. 

  • Proprietary Courses

    When you invest in education, you are making an investment in yourself. 

  • Defining Success

    When you invest in stocks, you are making an investment for the future. 

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Mission & Vision Statement

Our mission is to be a convenient one-stop shop for investing, customized to the Qatari Stock Market.


Our Vision is to become the user gateway for access to the Qatari Stock Market and thus, a crucial contributor to the growth of this stock market.


Committed To Helping Our Customers Succeed in their Investing Journey

Our Services

  • Educational Courses

    Learn to invest with confidence through our customized self-paced course.

  • Talk to the Expert

    Ask and clear all your doubts by conversing with the right professionals.

  • Follow Experienced Investor

    Develop a risk mitigation strategy by following the top traders.

  • Stock Market Dashboard

    Get real-time market watch with all the fundamental ratios to make informed decisions.

  • Professional Data Analysis Tools

    Use the sophisticated charting tools to better understand the future price movements of the stock market.

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  • Personalized Learning Experience

    Track all your learning progress in order to determine your goals and set your priorities straight.

  • Customized Course Material

    Understand everything you need to know about the Qatari Stock Market before you start investing. 

  • Unparalleled Professional Tools

    Use the right state-of-the-art tools to make the right decisions during your investing journey. 

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Our Client's Reviews

S-Treasury is a smart tool dedicated to diversifying Qatar's economy. The team behind the development of the tool has passionately dedicated their deep knowledge and skills to address a gap in the market. They cleverly designed a sophisticated solution to equip users with financial literacy to reach a key outcome: to make informed investment decisions in the Qatari Stock Market. Start using it and see how your engagement in Qatar's stock market excels!

أستطيع أن أرى إمكانية تعلم الكثير من الناس كيفية الاستثمار من خدمتهم

(I can see the potential for many people to learn how to invest from their service)

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Professor of Business