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  • Financial Literacy

  • Follow Experienced Investors

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Financial Literacy

With many people struggling with money issues, financial literacy is needed more than ever. Financial literacy lays the foundation for understanding how money works. 

Do you know the basic 5 principles of financial literacy? 

Earning, Saving & Investing, Spending, Borrowing, and Protecting.

Here at S-Treasury, we will guide you on how to invest your savings to earn more. 

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    Consider financial literacy as the start of your journey towards becoming financially stable and secure.

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Follow Experienced Investors

With many people not having enough experience or confidence in their own investing decisions, try following sophisticated investors for a risk mitigation strategy. 

(Remember investing involves losses - follow at your own risk)

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    Observational Learning: Learning from one another by observing their behaviors.


Moderated Discussion Forums

With transfer go knowledge comes better understanding. So, here at S-Treasury collectively produce ideas and address concerns by leveraging the power of a trusted and moderated community.

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    Share Wisdom, Reduce Risk.

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Our Services

  • Educational Courses

    Learn to invest with confidence through our customized self-paced course.

  • Talk to the Expert

    Ask and clear all your doubts by conversing with the right professionals.

  • Follow Experienced Investor

    Develop a risk mitigation strategy by following the top traders.

  • Stock Market Dashboard

    Get real-time market watch with all the fundamental ratios to make informed decisions.

  • Professional Data Analysis Tools

    Use the sophisticated charting tools to better understand the future price movements of the stock market.